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Premier Mold Testing Services

It’s impossible to eliminate what you cannot see, which is why accurate mold testing services are essential for the removal process. Mold inspection and testing needs to be sent to labs for confirmation, so never leave it up to an amateur — the health of your home or business is at risk. If you think you smell or see mold in your commercial or residential property, don’t hesitate, since a timely response is the key to success.

A certified mold specialist needs to conduct mold inspection services at your commercial or residential property if you want to be accurate and up to date. Often, you can see the mold, making testing and inspection easy. However, mold is tricky and can often hide from the untrained eye, making mold inspection important. When you choose us, you’ll always know what you’re up against.

Black mold can be extremely hazardous to your health, making black mold testing critical for all area homes and commercial properties. What exactly is black mold? Black mold often has an earthy, musty smell, usually with black rings encircling the impacted areas. Black mold is known to cause cognitive and respiratory issues, especially in at-risk individuals. However, black mold testing is required to truly know what you’re dealing with. That is why you need to call J&K Environmental Services to ensure that proper inspection and testing are performed.

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